How to hide your identity on internet
How to hide your identity on internet

How to hide your identity on internet?

Nowadays it is very important to keep your self safe from hackers and attackers.
 it is very important to hide your identity on internet, how you can do that?
 Here i will show you some steps that will help you to do that.

1- Best internet browser to use for hiding identity is Firefox.
download firefox browser from here (for Android mobile please download firefox 68.10.1 v): 2-change your MAC address: download tmac from this link


  3- Do you use Win 10 on your PC? then you need to change privacy settings in order to hide your identity.

go to control panel, privacy, and do the following steps turn off General privacy settings

privacy 1

  Turn off calls and history

privacy offprivacy off


Prevent app to access your email


privacy off

Turn off location

Location off

    4- It is very important to clear cache and work from clean OS, you can use application like Ccleaner to help you you can download it from here:  

5- now, download "don't track" addons, this will help you to prevent website from tracking you WebRTC is good for that


Download X-Forwarded-For Header and start spoofing  your ip. to get a good ip you can use and choose your ip according to location or isp, don't forget to use proxy, you can buy cheap proxies 1$/month or use free proxies.


For Mobile Android you can use this links to download Firefox and addons:


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