Earn up to 50$/day with CPALEAD, CPA for beginners.
Earn up to 50$/day with CPALEAD, CPA for beginners.

What is CPA?

CPA (cost per action) is a type of affiliate marketing model that offers a commission to the affiliate when an action  is completed.

what do we mean by action? Action maybe getting a quote, watching a video, filling real information and registering , or completing survey.


CPA Network is the platform that brings together the affiliate person who wants to make money by promoting products and the advertiser who want their brand to be  promoted. how I can start working in CPA? PRTN team will show how to work in CPA in this article, for beginners  we will start with CPALEAD (signup here)


Start With CPA CPALead

registering process in CPALead is very easy, you will get accepting email soon.
After that you can start working and earn money, you have three methods for this work: - If you don't own a website and want to promote in a landing page, you can choose one from dashboard >>> "Ready to Promote Landing Pages" section. choose one of those landing page



-      For example I promoted "earn money online",  click on promote button then get the link.

·         do the task by yourself for one time at lest so you can help your friend to complete it.

·         send this link to your friends via WhatsApp, telegram ….. and post it everywhere on your own social accounts( you can make groups on social networks with your friends, and work together to do task).

      for 2 clicks we got 0.1$, and you may reach 1$ for one action (task or click)


You can also activate rewards and multiply your earning,  don't forget to setup payment method.


-          if you have a website you can publish offers or (you can send it to friends), remember to use same account email for completing offers

If you see this message " Note: This offer is unavailable for Direct Promotion. Offer will only be shown in Lockers, Pages, Banners and Offerwalls. This mean that this offer is not available to share with friends directly.



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