How to earn from PTC NeoBux website
How to earn from PTC NeoBux website
Working on the Internet is an important, fast and easy way to earn money, but there are strategies that must be adhered to in order to earn what you want . here we will show How to earn from PTC NeoBux survey website.     One of the most important profit sites on the Internet is Neobux is one of the largest PTC sites ever, and PTC is an acronym for (Paid To Click), meaning that this site is considered one of the most reliable sites to earn more than 50$ per day, as the number of users of this site exceeded five million users.                                                                            The site has a very high ranking because of the automatic payment system globally  it deals with banks (Paypal,Payza and Neteller)                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Neobux has  different ways to make money, which are!!!?..

  -   Profit for watching ads: The site allows you to watch 10 to 15 or more ads per day. -Profit for doing some small tasks called Mini Jobs -Earning from surveys -Earn money by playing games. -Referrals                                                                                                                                                                                             ----- Note that the minimum withdrawal is 2$ and increases by 1$ each time we withdraw until it reaches 10$ and the minimum stops at this point    

How to register on PTC NeoBux survey website

  Log in to the site from this link..... After entering the link, click Register.   Now we write the data, this photo is an example   After completion, you will receive an email with a link that we click on to activate the account. After clicking on the link, it will return to the site again to log in.  

  The most important features of the Neobux site

  1- The site has proven its credibility with payment for a long time . 2- Available to most countries in the world . 3- The site is old, secure and fast payment system where the payment period does not exceed three days. 4- you can get your money using Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, etc.) Let's talk about referrals , we mean  inviting your friends to register on this site through your link  ..  and when your friends win, you will also earn a percentage, and this is considered a thanks from the site to you because you bring them new members and this will not affect the profits of your friends .                                                                             Neobux provides an interesting way to earn, which is to rent members instead of inviting them. The rental price is 0.2$ You can pay it from your profits on the site.. The rental period is a month and you can extend the period and when the extension period is longer , you will get a greater discount. We must mention that everything has its advantages and disadvantages, since we talked about the features of the site, we must know what its disadvantages are. First, the ads are few. Second, it may take 60 days until the profits of tasks are added to your account. In addition, reaching the minimum withdrawal limit requires time, so you have to be patient until you get what you want.

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