How to hide your identity on internet
How to hide your identity on internet

Hello, here we learn to hide our identity on internet, you will learn how to use proxy, change your location and hide your information, this will help you to protect your self and doing tasks that you  can't do it without hiding your ip,  survey  sites for example.

Are you ready?   Well, follow the instructions step by step from the beginning  .

Download the required program Firefox browser, you can download it from here   This link copy it 82.0.3 as it is clear in the picture - in the future, choose the latest version from the list on the right So if your

system is 32-bit, search the site for the 32-bit version.  

Tmac program to change MAC WiFi If setup does not respond, extract it from the zip file and install it As it never worked for you, download an old version of it v5 Technitium Technitium MAC Address Changer | A Freeware Utility To Spoof MAC Address Instantly Technitium MAC Address Changer (TMAC) is a freeware utility to instantly change or spoof MAC Address of any network card (NIC).


Also check the latest version from the list on the right


Download CCleaner 5.74.8184 for windows -

CCleaner is a powerful and easy to use utility that cleans and optimizes your PC to ensure best performance


Fake Name:

Now we must choose a fake name, an American name is good to be used,for example: to work on surveys sites you need to create an email and make the accounts that we will work on, we enter this link and choose the names of American males who are 30 years old, because it is the most requested category. (You can create a female account, you can modify the gender in the settings on the page) Do not take any home address, email or any other information, Next, we will tell you how to get it. Fake name generator Get a whole new identity at the Fake Name Generator The most advanced fake name generator. Generate random names, addresses, usernames, passwords, email addresses, and more. Use for software testing, social media, or anything... Generate give you a new name We must copy the name and date of birth (marked by name) and keep them in a notebook on the mobile or txt file on the computer etc. Sometimes the site gives you a white page and does not show names, try to wait for a few minutes or try another browser or mobile or with a vpn or without time, try anything, the important thing is to take a name and birth from it to use them.  


Prepare CCleaner Side note: If you do not have the program and you are trying to install it, it can take two or three minutes to open the setup after you click on it. We open the work window, open the program, we go to Custom Clean and work as in the picture (we select all, on two pages) and make sure that we never choose the last one Wipe Free Space In every new user, the program revives, Firefox does not see and is not in the list, in this case we turn off CCleaner, open Firefox, even for a second, turn it off. Then go back to CCleaner and it will be there As for the work on the program, every time we open the user, we have to enter CCleaner and press Run Cleaner and let it erase everything Every time, every user, and every time we want to work.


                                                                  Its purpose is to change the MAC Address, the MAC is the Wi-Fi segment number in your laptop, and it is preferable to use it when you have more than one account in which you work with the same laptop The important thing is that we open the program - above, there may be many options, but often the option we want is called WiFi or Wireless network connection, and we can make sure in the box at the bottom on the right that the cursor is moving and there are numbers - so we know that we chose the right network Click on Random MAC Address and then Change Now! And most likely it will work immediately - but it can give you a message and you have to choose another number Of course, sometimes the program does not work on some laptops, and often the reason is the wrong definition of your WiFi. The number that changed us, next to (changed), we copy and save it on the side in the notebook This program must be opened every time we enter the user and leave it open, after we make sure that it is working perfectly and the mac is changed to the same number that we copied in the notebook (do not choose a new Mac everytime you open - we do it once for each user)

Preparing the proxy settings on the entire device

- then we will talk how to add it to the browser only for those who want this method. From start, look for Control Panel We choose Network and Internet Then choose Internet Options From the window that opened, we choose Security, and we go to the cursor and raise it to become High Then we go to the Privacy tab and go to Advanced, then choose Block and press OK Go to the Connections tab and at the bottom click LAN settings Below we put a check mark on the proxy server And in these two boxes we put the proxy and the port that we purchased Then press OK. You can buy proxy here. From here, every time we open the browser or anything that wants the Internet, it will ask us for a username and the password for the proxy, you get them when you buy the proxy.

Mozilla Firefox addons

This addons is very important to disable tracking and spoofing your ip that recorded in the headers
                         Firefox add-ones:
Downloading them is as easy as the one in the picture.
Add IP-X Enter the site Or from here we have selected the AT&T network We will have a lot of IP, The most important thing is that the company is strong, like AT&T or Version You choose according to the state, according to the company The most important thing is to adjust the last two digits of the IP For example becomes In order for someone else to transcribe the same IP and ban him.
We add the ip after modifying the ip x forward that we mentioned above Then we enter this site We take the full information about the IP and save it as a picture Search the search list inside the site for the IP-X you chose and you will find the information Timing with the laptop via the site The zip code, the state, the city, etc., etc. It is very necessary to keep the Ipx because it will always be fixed with us in the account, the proxy will change, but the X will be fixed And in the event that there is a problem with us with the browser and the X disappears and we cannot return it, the account will be subject to a large percentage of ban IP Address List.                                                                                              The IP that we copied we put it here - after we change the last two digits of it The color of the addition icon will become orange and you must always remain like this. Do not put the following number in the pictures, this is just an example.                      

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