A-ADS is the best advertising network alternative to AdSense
A-ADS is the best advertising network alternative to AdSense

Are you looking for advertising network alternative to AdSense? A-ADS is the best choice.

Many Websites owners suffer from Google AdSense, one of the best advertising network alternative to adsense is A-ADS. A-ADS pay about 2-6$ (≈0.00005733) BTC in average for CPM, and ≈0.00000389 ($0.13) per click. A-Ads   The best thing in this advertising network is that you can get your earning by crypto currency, you can get your earning directly to your wallet with tiny fee. they have implemented the support of FaucetPay withdrawals. FaucetPay is a micro-wallet service alternative to ExpressCrypto. So now you can choose between these two options. Register here: Advertise with Anonymous Ads      

For Publishers, how to start selling Ads on your website?

  It is very easy to start earning from A-ADS, all you need is clicking on earn tab then select site, banner size and copy paste the url to your website where you want to add Ads Banner, one of the best things in this Advertising network is that you can control Ads content.   Then click on create Ad unit. Go to dashboard you will see your ad unit Click on it to get your code, paste this code in your website, be careful to paste code in the best section where you can get highest display rate, for example, I paste code in the header section and got 99% display rate.     Wait for few hours then check finance tab to get information about your Ad unit. if you made the withdraw option to expresscrypto you can withdraw your earnings instantly   If you have a wordpress platform then you can use plugin to add your Ads unit easly Check information here: https://a-ads.com/blog/2021-01-13-a-ads-wordpress-plugin/ If someone register from your referral then You will receive 50% of advertising fees collected from your referrals during the first 6 months as rewards.

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