Remote work culture after COVID-19
Remote work culture after COVID-19

Why remote work should be popularized as a culture?

The world has changed after COVID-19 - this is a fact that cannot be escaped or overlooked. COVID-19 seems to be a signal for all of us to avoid a greater catastrophe, Its signs are evident from the effects of climate change. It seems that it has become a necessity as we all have to look at nature, and pollution with a new look, and remote work should be popularized as a culture. Reducing carbon emissions has become a duty for everyone because the danger is approaching everyone. One of the forms of mitigating carbon emissions may be by reducing daily commuting using transportation, and gathering in workplaces / commuting, congestion and gathering in workplaces that imposed on us a consumption style that contributed significantly to increasing pollution and increasing carbon emissions. prtn remote work

What if a large part of the work was transferred to the remote work style?

Imagine with me, dear reader, if I could do half the work remotely from home? Well that means I can cut the commute from home to work by about half, relieving the need for fast food and processed food, Reducing the consumption of clothes and saving time and money.   What if remote work culture were applied collectively on a large scale?    In other words, if the company I work for decreased the number of people in its headquarters daily due to the application of remote work methods. -The company's need for energy will decrease. -The company's need for daily consumables will decrease - Reducing pollution. - Reducing congestion through the roads that lead to this company (or work site) This means reducing pressure on infrastructure, and thus necessarily reducing pollution and reducing carbon emissions. Remote work method also will lead companies to hire more freelancers for work All this reasons also lead us to discover freelance work online field and think of it as new good way to make income.

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